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MySQL Performance

# What is it?

This is a log viewer for MySQL queries. It turns on query logging in MySQL and display it in nice Web interface with formatting and syntax highlighting.

Try demo!

# Why could it be useful?

  • It can help find a bug, since very often SQL query is compiled by external library (for example ActiveRecord) and we don't know exactly, which SQL query is executed.
  • It can help to optimize your application - see how many queries and which are executed.

# Download

# How it works?

This is a web application written on PHP 5.5. It based on MySQL feature for logging SQL queries in mysql.general_log:
set global general_log = 'on';
set global log_output = 'table';

To read log:
select * from mysql.general_log

# Authors and Contributors

Please find contact email here: Kirill Zhirnov
If you are looking for a professional web developer:

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